Thursday, April 2, 2009

Salt Lake City Cemetery, SLC, Utah

JoLyn wrote about the fun we had at the Salt Lake Cemetery. It is so much fun to be with another graveyard lover. I had a great time with Linda from Lancaster (the TV star!) when she came to my house too. Us Rabbits are so much fun! I wish we could have a Rabbit Bed and Breakfast. Oh! Oh! An idea for a book!! I know the perfect house to buy in New Orleans. But I digress.

The picture above is what we called the graveyard dog. He was happy and playful. At one time he found a flag on a grave and brought it to me to throw for him. There was not a owner is sight but he seemed happy and healthy and loving the cemetery as much as we did.

At the Salt Lake City Cemetery, which is well run by the City of Salt Lake, there are such a variety of stones. It could be a museum of graves. There are sandstone markers, which are peeling from the elements, there are zinc markers, marble markers, granite markers, and several large rocks or boulders used for markers. There are flat stones, and there are monuments. One special monument is the statue that inspired the book The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans.

There are many interesting articles about this cemetery on the web. One that gave interesting information is Although we spent a couple of hours there, we missed alot of the graves, yet saw so many that my memory is jammed. Much of the history of the Salt Lake Valley is here, many pioneers that came to SLC in handcarts are buried there as well as most LDS church leaders. There is a view of the mountains and the city from almost anywhere you walk in the cemetery. This is Salt Lake's History Book!

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Anonymous said...

I've been to SLC so many times, seen many sights, but have never ever visited a cemetery! You are ahead of me, Diane! Sounds like you two had a ball, graveyard dog, call out for pizza, you did it all! That pizza really impressed me! I would have never thought of it!!!

A Member of The Association of Graveyard Rabbits