Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hank E. Baby Boom Boom Combs Wright

Yesterday my beloved dog, Hank, passed away. Only if you knew me would you know how much I loved him. The only fights my husband and I had were over Hank. Hank always hoped that I would win! Now Dave is missing him too.
Hank went to cemeteries with me. At first I didn’t want him to go; I thought he would make his mark everywhere. One Sunday I took him to Sunnyslope to test him out. I was shocked, he was the perfect gentleman. Not once did he do anything inappropriate. Boy, did he love that walk. We walked everywhere, including the potter’s field. I wished I’d taken pictures but I didn’t want evidence then. After that we always went together.
We buried Hank in our way back, we call it the secret garden, but it really isn’t secret. He loved to lie near the walnut tree. I couldn’t bear to have him at a pet cemetery, that is much too sad. Hank would want to be here around all the action. And I can go out to the garden and finish reading the book we were reading, Dog On It.
Live on, Hank E. Baby!!!


Linda in Lancaster said...

What a neat memorial, Diane! Our pets are not animals; they are a part of our families and deserve the same memorializing that any other member of our family would get.

Thanks for sharing this and we are thinking of you ~


Amy said...

I'm sorry about the loss of Hank, but I do love your tribute. :)

Kathy Schuster said...

Today was the first time I had seen this. I really teared up cried. This is wonderful memorial. Hank was a lucky dog to have had a loving family like yours.

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