Monday, April 20, 2009

Carnival, Cemetery Preservation

No, I have not found a rural, unknown cemetery and cleaned it up and straightened all the stones and transcribed each name and researched each “resident.” I wish I had. My favorite book is Love Cemetery about a lady that did just that.
I have not found a niche to dedicate myself to. If I had I probably would not be able to stick to it for long. There are so many aspects to attend to. And I want to explore them all.
Raising awareness of cemeteries and their importance is my job. No money in it but lots of rewards. Here is what I do.

I am on the Sunnyslope Friends of the Cemetery Iron Fence Fund board. We do a cemetery stroll each year raising awareness for Corona history. This is my favorite project. I love to get dressed up and be a historical person.

I speak on cemeteries whenever I get a chance. Once in a while I get a chance to speak to Boy Scouts about cemeteries. At first they look at me like they are not sure what to expect, but in the end they love to talk about it and ask questions. Some of which I have no answers to! For the genealogy community I talk about The Armchair Tombstone. It is how to research from your comfortable spot at home. And the general purpose What You Didn’t Know About Graveyards.

Of course there is the Graveyard Rabbit. I am so glad I discovered the association! I write two blogs and am the newsletter editor. I love being a Rabbit!

Traveling to different cemeteries is my fun. I enjoy the travel, I like the search, and I love to talk to people there, both dead and alive. It is especially fun with another Rabbit or someone who likes it too. But I often go by myself if I can’t find a cemetery lover to go with.

Shhhh..this is a secret. I am trying to write a book about a dog at the graveyard. I am not great writer, although I would like to be. But I have a great idea, now I am WORKING to execute it.

Often I get asked to take pictures of headstones and I always try to get it done. Each time I come away with a fun story to go along with the picture search.

I gave myself a pretend job at Find A Grave.

These are my little ways of doing cemetery preservation, and I am having a great time!!

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Kathy Schuster said...

I can't wait for your book. What a FUN idea. I want the very first copy in print!!!

A Member of The Association of Graveyard Rabbits