Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Wanna Go!!

Why am I obsessed with news articles about cemeteries? I just am. My sister in law sent me this news story from The Wichita Eagle by Beccy Tanner. This reporter says “Sounds strange, but some times the best places to explore in Kansas are the cemeteries along forgotten back roads.” I need to introduce her to some Graveyard Rabbits!

She talks about so many places I really want to see.
At the Lincoln cemetery she writes about a tombstone shaped like a suitcase. It belongs to a traveling salesman. The epitaph says “”Here is where he stopped last.” That would make any GYR get out the camera!!
You can check this travel news story out for yourself.

I love to take the news stories and see what else I can find about it. There is more information from Rootsweb about the suitcase tombstone. It says here that it is so detailed that the keyhole is even perfect. I have to get to this one!

One cemetery she didn’t mention, and how could she mention them all? is Sunnydale Cemetery on Emporia in Valley Center. As far as I know there are no Civil War soldiers laid there, it is not a historical cemetery in the state of Kansas. But it is important in the Wright Family History. Many inlaws and outlaws and friends are buried there. From a California girl’s point of view it is the typical Kansas cemetery. The rows are wide apart because at one time they used horse and cart to mow. Also there is still a water pump standing. It was used before they got city water out to the cemetery.

How come it is that a cemetery a great distance away is so much more fun than the one just down the road? Maybe that is why I like news stories so much.

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