Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cemetery Road

I am finally on the road again! Well, I will be in a couple days. My son is going to Washington State for a job interview and I begged to come along. I am sure he really doesn’t want Mommy, but Mommy is good at pleading her case.

I love to travel. The open road and no responsibilities except where to eat and where to sleep.

But….I have a secret goal. I really, really want to go to the Old Sacramento City Cemetery. I have heard it is just wonderful, and it so happens that we drive right through Sacramento.

I named this blog Travels Wright because I love to travel. I thought I would be moving about and across the country covering cemeteries as though I were a news reporter. Oh the fantasies!

I broke the news to my son today that there was one stop I wanted to make. I told him that members of the Donner party needed a visitor. He used to be amazed at the Donner story before he grew up. Of course he figured out that I was talking about a cemetery. Also some governors are buried there as well as Captain John Sutter. Thousands of early settlers are buried there too. Some of the first interments in the City Cemetery are over 600 victims of the Cholera Epidemic in 1850. They say that the cemetery is designed as a Victorian garden.
I can’t wait to go.

But the best is yet to come. In October my husband and I are going to the New England states for two weeks. I am trying to be discreet about wanting to go to the cemeteries. It is hard to keep my joy tame. I bought a couple new books about New England cemeteries and now there are more than I ever dreamed of to visit.

Traveling! Oh traveling! If I could sing I would burst into song.”On the road again…..”


Greta Koehl said...

Oh my gosh, someone else who has a fascination with the Donners. Some day I hope to visit the ... Truckee pass. Are you going to visit Mount Auburn Cemetery? It's wonderful.

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Good for you!! Your son is a lucky young man (and I'm sure he would agree) to have a Mom who would willingly take her time to accompany him on a road-trip! Have fun.

When you go to New England with your husband do you think you will be going to Burlington, Vermont? It's a beautiful little town and you can see the state of New York across Lake Champlain from the Lakeview Cemetery. My last three posts are from there at Graveyards of the Covered Bridges.

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