Sunday, July 12, 2009

Travel Log July 10, 2009

We drove all day. Didn’t see one cemetery. If I was alone I would have stopped at all the historical sights and look outs but Nate wanted to keep on going.
I have to tell you that I thought we were going to Vancouver, Washington. So I figured we would get there early and have time to look around town, then make some phone calls and plans for seeing some friends from my childhood. But for a very long and stupid reason, I found out, as we were driving though Vancouver, that we were going to Seattle. Oh well, I am known for just rolling with the punches, so we kept on going.
Along the road we saw a couple riding their Harleys with a sidecar on it. Guess what was in the sidecar? A great looking, handsome Boxer dog!! He was so cute. I always wanted to do that...ride on a bike with my dog along my side. Husband rides a Harley by the likes going dogless. Anyway, I was so concerned for the dog because he didn’t have a helmet on or goggles or a jacket. It could be dangerous. I wanted to take a picture, but driving along I couldn’t even get to the camera fast enough. I thought if was an artist I could sketch a picture of the sight. But forever it will be a Kodak moment in my head.
We got to Seattle late and drive around to find a hotel that we could afford and a restaurant we wanted to eat at. Our arrival time was 9:51 pm and I was asleep by 10:30.

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Linda in Lancaster said...

Diane, go to Riverview Cemetery in Portland on your way home. I was looking for famous people and it's a very old one. Lyle Alzado (famous football player) and Virgil Earp are buried there. Looks like a pretty one. Find-a-grave has GPS coordinates on it, so if you have a GPS with you, it will be no problem finding the sites.

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