Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lucy and the Ghost

The mailman delivered the military records for Joshua Countryman the other day. I was so excited that I got Lucy in the car and off we went to Sunnyslope Cemetery. She always goes with me on short rides. We went to Sunnyslope so I could talk with Joshua. I hoped maybe he would give me some inspiration on what to write about him for the upcoming Stroll.

Hank, my beloved boxer, use to go with me but after he passed away the torch went to Lucy. As she jumped out of my blue Volkswagen Beetle she ran right pass Joshua and went to the grave of Andrew Wheaton. She sat down, looking very alert and would NOT leave. Of course I could not get her to tell me what was going on. She looked at me like I was the one that didn’t understand. The dog can’t talk to me and the dead won’t talk to me. What is a girl to do?

After we got home I did some more research on Andrew Wheaton. He is a soldier that needs his story told! He was wounded in the second day of the battle at Gettysburg, the bloodiest battle of the Civil War. Since he was hospitalized in one of the many makeshift hospitals around Gettysburg, it is possible that he was there for Lincoln’s Gettysburg address.

Oh! what Andrew could tell us.

Thanks Lucy.


Kathy Schuster said...

Absolutely brilliant!!!!!
And what a way for you to start that book you want to write.

dustbunny8 said...

What a great graving companion!No complaining about how long it's taking are how hot it is.I wonder what would be the best breed for this?Maybe not one of the digging hounds!LOL!

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