Saturday, September 5, 2009

Biking to the Cemetery

Today my husband rode his bike from our house in Corona to the Riverside National Cemetery. He said it was about 35 miles. There are lots of ups and downs on the road to get there.

It is funny that I keep coming across some type of transportation in cemeteries. On Friday a friend and I went to search some cemeteries around the Inland Empire. One of the workers told us that a fellow was buried with his motorcycle. The bike was set in the ground as though he would just get on it and ride. He took us over to the grave and it looked ordinary from the top. He told us that when he had to dig a grave nearby parts of the bike was rusty and fell into the next spot.

Not too long ago I found a interesting postcard with a car in the cemetery.
I have also seen tombstones with motorcycles engraved in them. In San Diego there is one with airplanes on it.
I have also seen pictures of a horse drawn buggy bringing the person in to the cemetery.
This is becoming a theme.

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Amy said...

Wow, that's quite a bike ride! I had to read it twice (I'm from Riverside, so I did the math).

Cemetery workers have the best stories. Thanks for sharing yours.

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