Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Travel Log: Portageville Old Catholic Cemetery

Portageville, New York is where my great grandparents lived. This is the original Church of the Assumption Catholic Cemetery, now known as the Old Catholic Cemetery. The last time it was used was in 1903. The transcription done in the 1930s comments that it is a well tended cemetery. Now it is marked with stone leaning this way and that. Many are buried half in the earth. Many are toppled with inscriptions that face the ground.

This is the one cemetery I would be willing to restore if I was young and strong. I feel as though I know some of the people because I have read the church records and census so many times. I am pretty sure that my Great and GGreat Grandparents knew many of these people.

The cemetery is in a hollow. It goes down hill toward a forest of trees and appears dark because of the trees. It definitely could be in a picture representing a spooky story.

Hubby gave me a split second to run around and take pictures. I took a picture of every stone that was readable while the wind blew and the rain started. I will be posting them to Find A Grave later.

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dustbunny8 said...

What a lovely place!I love old cemetery's like this and how cool that you feel you know them.I feel that way about one or two as well.

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