Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Riverside National Cemetery

At Riverside National Cemetery, they recently put in many, many concrete vaults, just waiting for a soldier or many soldiers. They are butted together side by side with no room to spare. It looks like there are two to a plot, stacked.
When you walk on the grassy sections, it feels park like. I have spent many hours visiting loved ones there and it is always so pleasant. We put out chairs, have a snack and talk about our guy. It is a reminder of picnics at the cemetery at a bygone time. I almost wish I hadn’t seen this. I try to never think about what is under the ground, only about what happened in their lives above ground.
I know now that my feet are cushioned by about 2 feet of ground and grass, then many feet of concrete vaults. Real military order and organization.
The Riverside National Cemetery is the busiest cemetery in all of the VA National Cemetery System, yet it is always calm and peaceful. They say that they will be able to accommodate 4700 new burials. The total capacity is 1.25 million.

Looking at how it is organized and plotted takes the sentimental value out for me. Here is the grave of a wonderful man. The inscription says "A Good Man." Three words that hold so much meaning. I knew this man, Denny, and I am so glad he was a small part of my life. He was a angel sent to earth to influence the rest of us.

As I walk past rows and rows of graves at Riverside Nat'l I wonder about the people that once lived in our world. I don't know a thing about them, they could be anything, wonderful like Denny, or a grumpy old man. The person could be a women who loved canning and gardening or a man that was a hero to all his commrades. As many graves as there are, there are just as many personalities and people who still love them.


Linda in Lancaster said...

What a wonderful post, Diane! I think that cemetery is a beautiful one. . . and I remember when it wasn't even there!

Amy said...

I had no idea this was the busiest cemetery. Thanks for sharing. I was born in Riverside.

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