Saturday, July 17, 2010

Veteran List and Missing Soldier

Photo is of missing veteran, Kenneth L. Kimes.

Kathleen, my cemetery friend, and I have identified 366 veterans buried at Sunnyslope. One for each day of the year plus one more. We typed their names into Excel including the war (Civil War to the current war) that they were identified with, the birth and death dates and any special notes. We have checked and rechecked to make sure we got them all. The list was emailed to the local American Legion Post who is named after one of the veterans on the list, Joe Dominquez.

Of course just when you think you have it perfect, another soldier is identified.

I was telling another good friend about the project. She said “You have my dad, of course?” I must have turned a hundred shades of red. I was at her dad’s funeral, I know about him. I saw the flag that draped his coffin. I see it proudly displayed in his daughter’s home. But he wasn’t on any of the other “official” sources we bashed together to compile the list.

Now I keep wondering who else have we missed. I am keeping my ear close to the ground (pun intended) in case I hear of any more missing men or women.


Brian said...

Ah! That has so got to be dishearting after all that work! But you still did a damn good and your friend need to pat each other on the backs!

Cheryl Palmer said...

Have to appreciate and be proud of all the work you have done! Wow! Congrats!

Kathy Schuster said...

Wow! you put so much work into this. You and Kathleen work so well on this stuff. Be proud!

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