Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Mystery of the Irish at Duffy’s Cut

The 175-year-old mystery of Irish Catholic railroad workers may now be solved after a team led by brothers Dr. William and Frank Watson, has been found.

The labourers arrived in Pennsylvania in June 1832 to construct the Philadelphia and Columbia Railroad but six weeks later all had died and were buried without ceremony in a ditch. The deaths were orginally covered up, then later said that the men perished in a cholera epidemic. There are also theories that they were murdered by anti-Irish vigilantes. If the deaths were murder, then it will become a crime scene, even after all these years.

The Watson brothers think they have found the spot of the grave. A marker was put up in 2004, but the actual site was not known at that time. They are finding many personal items such as buttons, pipes, cooking utensils as well as bones, at a site nearby.

There is so much to be done in this discovery but funding is a issue.

There are many articles on line about Duffy’s Cut, a book, and videos. Here is one to entice you. Duffy's Cut

Are one of these men the relative you have been searching for?


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