Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Following Her Footsteps

The picture is of a rock with Indian writing called "Painted Rock". It was moved for a railroad track.

I didn't know hiking for history could be so much fun. Hey, did I coin a new phrase? "Hiking for History," sounds good.

Since the Janet Gould dedication we decided to make it Janet's Week. We followed her footsteps around Corona.

Kathleen wrote this up about our adventures:

"Diane Wright and I spent a wonderful three days hiking looking for all of the monuments in the Temescal Valley. We now know that three of them no longer exist. After being unsuccessful in our quest to find them, we went to the Corona Library's Heritage Room and listened to Janet Gould's tapes. It was exciting to hear her voice again. According to Gould, Carved Rock had been vandalized and carried away in pieces by the early 1960s. We found evidence that the other "missing" monuments were no longer standing as well. The Butterfield Stage Marker is on a rock as it was originally but no longer says that it is a State Marker. Perhaps when it was rededicated and moved to Dos Lagos it no longer qualified."

This is my personal dilemma: Janet has a very simply stone in the cemetery and she really gave alot to Corona, then there is another person, whom I will not name yet, who has a large nice stone and I can't find much about the life this person lived. If I were to give a speech tomorrow on cemetery ideas, one would be not to judge the man or women by the size of his gravestone.

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S. Lincecum said...

Your last line rings so true! In this particular cemetery I am researching, I have often found individuals who gave so much to the community with the simplest of grave stones.

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