Thursday, January 7, 2010

DAR Dedication for Janet Gould

Janet Gould was honored yesterday for her work in the Auranta Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She died in 1964 after doing much historic work for Southern California. She was the first in Corona to recognize that local historic sites need to be marked. She was the driving force behind placing several monuments around the city of Corona. She loved to wear dangly earrings and multitudinous braclets which make a tinkling sound when she moved her hands. She lectured about events that took place in Corona and Southern California.
Several ladies of the DAR came dressed in colonial clothing to place a DAR marker on her grave. The caretaker cleaned and shined her stone as well as that of her husband and son. A ceremonial prayer was said as the marker was dedicated.
DAR Chaplain, Diane Stephens, spoke about the life of Janet and her love of history, genealogy and of teaching others of importance of the past.
A story in the Golden Jubliee Edition of the local paper on April 27, 1936 sums it up well. “Author, lecturer, researcher, into early Californiana, Janet Williams Gould of this city (Corona) has devoted many years to the absorbing study of Southern California with the result that she is considered an outstanding authority. Tireless in her search for factual information about the early days, she has been recognized by the Southern California Historical Society as one of its most interested members.”
It was a honor to pay tribute to this charming lady who was known as Corona’s “Duchess.”
To read more of her life go to the Corona Genealogy Society and read about her as she was portrayed at a Cemetery Stroll.

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