Monday, February 16, 2009

A Surreal Visit to Sunnyslope Cemetery

The 14th Sunnyslope Cemetery Stroll is getting ready for action. Last week we met Charles and Betty at the cemetery. Charles promised that he would full our notebooks with history...and he was right. Our theme this year will be Veterans. This couple was the cutest couple, married over 61 years and they are walking around holding hands. Both of them has many family members buried at Sunnyslope and many that are veterans.
Most of our silent citizens we have portrayed we know from research only...and most of the time we really have to dig. But this darling couple could tell us about these people and what they were like in life. Uncle Pete, Aunt Ida, Grandpa Tucker. I often use the expression that "the cemetery comes alive when you learn about the people buried there"...but this time they really did come alive. Betty brought pictures and family group sheets. We would stand at the grave and look at their picture and see the fgs and learn of about the person. The experience was surreal. What wonderful people!!!
Then of course they could point out other people that they knew, not relatives, but neighbors, friends, friends of friends, someone they went to high school with. Comments like "I never got along with him," or "she killed herself," or "he always kept the town in tow," or "he was a good dancer and loved the women."
By the end I was dizzy with information and needed a nap to let it all sit in my already cluttered brain.
We can only use 5 characters, and we only have 5-10 minutes to tell about each of them. Oh! How are we going to choose?!?!
Thanks Charles and Betty for a fabulous day at the cemetery.

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