Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Santa Ana Cemetery

I went out to the Santa Ana Cemetery in Santa Ana, CA. I have lived nearby for 40 years and I didn't know about this cemetery. There were lots of really nice stones, then some stones like the one in this picture. I was "on assignment" for a freind that researches all the men that fought in the Fourth Michigan Infantry. Thanks, George, for sending me out here. Of course I couldn't just look at one stone and leave. I wandered and wandered and took lots of pictures. I wondered about all these people and their lives. There are many, many civil war soldiers buried here. A group call the The Civil War Roundtable Orange County Civil War Graves Registration Project has placed a large Civil War monument at the cemetery and large metal GAR star at each veterans grave. It was easy to spot and I ran around from one to the other. Did they know of each other? Were they friends in life, having shared the same experience? And my forever question: Are they friends now? Or is there a great story here of ghostly soldiers sitting next to their stones at night telling war stories?


Kathy Schuster said...

You are absolutely right with your question, what wonderful stories we could hear and record.
Keep up the good work on all your investigating. You are my Idol!!!

Richard O. Cheek said...

Great questions. I often wonder the same thing when I see old pictures of militays units. I may know the story of one member, but who knows about the rest. I always hope someone has recorded their stories also.

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