Saturday, January 31, 2009

They all look alike.

Don 't they all start to look alike? I am often asked this, and I say "NO! Indeed" Then I can launch into a narrative of how cemeteries are laid out, and fenced, if they are fenced, and of the stone styles and the plants and trees around them.
This morning I decided to start on a new project of collecting all my family grave pictures and getting them on Find A Grave. I found this picture and I didn't know where it it was. My own words came back to haunt me!
With the magic of scanning and zooming I found out what cemetery this was. Then I did the most simple trick of all....label the picture.
What cemetery is this? This is Hope Cemetery in Corning, New York. Does this mean there is still hope for me??
Project is on hold again...Husband just got up and is dragging me out to the bicycle trail. From Corona to Huntington Beach, 41 miles long and not one cemetery in sight.

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Becky Jamison said...

What a pretty cemetery! Look at the beautiful colors in the trees. A delight!

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