Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Postcard Collection..Report No. Five

Fern Cliff Cemetery, Springfield, Ohio
There is no lack of information on this cemetery. This postcard is one of the prettiest ones in my collection. It is posted on Find a Grave and there is a web site ( for the cemetery. It is named for the unique ferns that grow on the cliffs nearby. There are over 66,000 burials and they can accomodate more. It was est. in 1863
I got it at a postcard show I went to this wekend in Glendale. There wasn't many postcards that I really liked of cemeteries. I bought three, Fern Cliff was one. I like simple ones that show a regular or more modest cemetery but the easiest to find are of popular cemeteries and of National cemeteries. I actually don't have any of National Cemeteries or of New Orleans cemeteries because they are so common.
Fern Cliff is now on my list of cemeteries to visit before I need one myself.

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