Saturday, November 8, 2008

Corona's Sunnyslope Cemetery

By George, we want a cemetery fence! On October 26, 2008 Corona Sunnyslope Cemetery Stroll took place for the 13th year. In the past we did the stroll as a community project. This year we kicked off a project to raise money for a iron fence. Our cemetery currently has a chain link fence and the only cemetery in town deserves better.
All the citizens of the cemetery that we portraied had the name George or DeGeorge or Georgianna or Georgia. As I wrote my script and learned about the person, the gravestone becomes alot more meaningful than it did as I once casually ambled by.
The one George that most people will now reconize is Judge George Freeman. He has a simple flat stone and it is slightly worn. As the researcher dug deeper and reviewed this judge's court cases, she discovered that one of the cases he tried was the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders, which the movie, The Changling, is based.
This is a reminder that all the people buried at Sunnyslope, or any other cemetery, have their own stories to tell..
For transcriptions of Sunnyslope Cemetery go to this page and scroll down to Sunnyslope:

For stories of silent citizens that have been done go to and click on Sunnyslope:


footnoteMaven said...


Welcome! This is such an interesting post.

Yes, every grave has a story. My one ambition is to take a small graveyard somewhere and research every person in it and tell their story. Someday!


Linda in Lancaster said...

Ah! My old stompin' ground! I love your stories and look forward to more!

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