Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Rabbit Linda of Lancaster, PA made a visit to my Rabbit Hollow here in Riverside County, CA. and we had a blast. We toured three different cemeteries and could have done a lot more if we had more time. It was so much fun to see my very own Sunnyslope Cemetery with different eyes. She pointed out things I had not noticed and gave me input to stones I had passed by over and over. Of course I enjoyed giving a tour and introducing her to so many graves! We went to the Indian cemetery, Sherman Indian Cemetery, that I wrote about a while ago. She found a way in!! I couldn’t, I just poked my camera between the rails of the fence. But inside it seemed so different. We walked around and said hello to every little grave there. Most of the time I feel happy in a grave yard. I imagine the lives and history of all the people there. I imagine that they are happy to see someone remembering them, caring that they once existed. But at the Sherman Indian Cemetery I feel sad for all those young people that died away from home. Maybe I should feel happy but I just don’t, there is something depressing about it..
Next we went to the Olivewood Cemetery in Riverside. I have been there to take pictures, to attend a funeral, but not to just investigate and have fun. Linda took pictures right and left. We went to a Japanese section. Maybe Linda will tell about that. We walked among all the older stones, they were so pretty. I saw so many names that are familiar to Corona as well as Riverside. Several families from here are buried at Olivewood instead of Sunnyslope, but I don’t know why. Other families have been moved from Olivewood to Sunnyslope, the one I know about was moved on a U-Haul trailer. The exact same stone is at Olivewood as well as Sunnyslope. In Sunnyslope there is a plaque telling that it was relocated from Olivewood and at Olivewood, the plaque says the body was removed to Sunnyslope. The picture presented in this BLOG was taken by Linda at Olivewood. I do believe it is my new favorite headstone. The Indian is in mourning. It symbolizes the end of the trail

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Sheri Fenley said...

Oh you two wascally wabbits! Meeting a fellow genea-blogger in person is icing on an already scrumptious cake.

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