Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Maple Grove Cemetery, Valley Center, KS

It was freezing cold the day we saw this cemetery from the freeway and made a U turn to get to the gate. It is located Hwy I35, and 85th North. I was afraid the gate was locked, not that it would have stopped me, but Hubby yelled out the window "It is not locked, don't hop over it." Sure enough it was open so I went in and dashed around taking pictures of each grave.
When we got back to my sister's house we told her about the cemetery we "discovered." She told us that they no longer use it because everytime they would try to dig a new grave, somebody would already have it occupied. And there would not be a marker. The locals think what happened was during The Depression people would be buried there and there was no money for a marker. There is a cemetery map but many, many people are not on the map either. So they just gave up burying people there. I couldn't find independent confirmation of this story.
And genealogists wonder why they can't find their ancestors gravesite!!

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