Friday, October 16, 2009

14th Annuel Cemetery Stroll

Our 14th Cemetery Stroll is just a week away. We have had so many themes is the past. We portrayed people who lived on Grand Blvd. , shop keepers, churches in early Corona, and early trustees of the cemetery to name a few. This year we are portraying Civil War soldiers that are buried in Sunnyslope. Surprisingly some are from California.
Most people do not associate California with the Civil War, but the state played a very important part. Some regiments were assigned to protect the Overland Mail routes. Other regiments got gold to the East to keep the Union effort going.
Researching for the Stroll uses every genealogy skill I ever learned. From pouring through newspapers, searching census records, ordering military papers to interviewing knowledgeable people that can provide information to add life to the research. The history of our ancestors and our town can often be found in the cemeteries!

I have had so much fun with the research. Also I bought a real mourning bonnet from the civil war period, made a crocheted black purse and shawl that is period authentic. I can't wait to wear them.

If anyone is near Corona, California please come.
Information about citizens from past strolls can be found at

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