Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cemetery Kit---NOT

Photo: Florence, Arizona. Looking at the grave of Margaret Truman, born and died 1900. Butte View Cemetery

I did it all wrong.

I am always talking about the cemetery kit. What should be in it to keep you safe and to make the best use of your time at an unfamiliar cemetery. But this one day, on a quick turn-around trip with a friend to Arizona, I had nothing with me but a water bottle, camera, and three friends. At least there was four of us in case anything happened and each of us had a cell phone.

There is no excuse for a Rabbit to be so unprepared. So I offer none. However, I learned a lesson. No matter where I am going I will bring my kit with me. There will always be a cemetery somewhere on the trip. (Note: Also look at the Graveyard Rabbit July Newsletter for kit information.)

Here is The Wright Kit
First aid kit, sunscreen
Water (to bring out the inscription) Dirt also works great, just rub it in. (Tip from Monica)
Towel (To sit on, to wipe off, to swat)
Soft brush
Cardboard (to shade from the sun)
Mirror or foil (to reflect the sun) Jean Hibben uses a cheap cookie sheet.
Bag for trash (make it better than when you arrived)
Clipboard/paper/pencil (to remember)
Old credit card (world’s best scrapper)
Hiking stick (to keep balanced, to push away branches, to poke at the ground)
Scissors (to trim grass)
Cell phone

Another confession: I had on sandels and a black short sleeve tshirt. But it was 115 degrees, I should have been naked! (Seriously, wear a long sleeve shirt and sturdy shoes)

I am happy to report that there is a Historical Cemetery Project to get this historic cemetery cleaned up.

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