Saturday, December 6, 2008

Evergreen Memorial Park, Riverside, CA

The oldest cemetery in Riverside, CA is Evergreen Memorial Park. The largest and oldest section was not endowed and the cemetery became know as EverBrown by local folks. In recent years it has received a lot of attention and is again called Evergreen.
In this cemetery are many early pioneers of Riverside. There are so many stories to share about this cemetery but today I choose to share the story of a “Real Daughter.” She has a lovely monument. On the side is a plaque placed by the Daughters of the American Revolution.
The Aurantia Chapter of DAR marked the grave of Phoebe Jane Lemon Hungate on May 1, 1927. Phoebe didn’t live in Riverside for very long. She was a member of the John Wallace Chapter of Bedford, Indiana. After coming to Riverside she searched out the local DAR, which was very dear to her. She was a “Real Daughter.” Her father Matthias Lemon, enlisted in June 1778 at Sunsbury, PA, he was a mounted ranger along the Susquehanna River protecting the settlers from the Indians. He enlisted again in 1779 as a substitute for his brother James. Later he served as a Lt. Col in the New York Militia in the Indian Wars. I tried to find her father’s grave on Find a Grave in Greene County, Indiana where he was buried but so far there is not a picture.
On October 11, 1911 Phoebe visited the Aurantia Chapter and told of her father’s service during the Revolution and was made an honorary chapter member that day.
The rest of us DAR ladies are grand daughters and great grand daughters , and great, great granddaughters of a Patriot that served in some way during the American Revolution. Phoebe was a Real Daughter, they are in limited supply.
Phoebe died on August 3, 1912. She is buried with her husband and two sons.

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